Lux Partners


Lux Partners has established a new standard for quantum safe, real world assets, starting with gold and silver.

Lux partners is a decentralized network of innovative technology pioneers.
Leading the industry
in asset tokenization.
Since Lux launched
January 2022
7 billion USD
in verified assets have been secured.

The Ecosystem

Lux Network
A sovereign network providing institutional-grade, regulatory-compliant access to digital money and real world assets.

Lux Fund
Fund of funds and digital asset management designed to offer secure and sustainable returns, while aligning the greater good.

Lux Standard
An all-new quantum safe real world asset standard, securing the most important assets to society on chain with full quantum security.
Financial Sovereignty for All
Digital Asset platform powered by Lux Network, a sovereign, decentralized network. Non-custodial, privacy preserving  applications based in the Isle of Man.
Institutional and Private Client
Fund of Funds managing tokenized real world assets (RWAs) on Lux Network, enabling global access to sound, regulated, and managed portfolios based in Luxembourg.
Lux Network is a proof-of-stake, decentralized network packed with innovation, designed to power the next-generation of DeFi.
Lux Network
Move assets with complete privacy across every network, secured with zero knowledge proofs.
Lux Bridge
First real world asset backed credit card
First credit card backed by gold and silver
Instant credit limit from staking
Spend up to 50% without risking assets
No capital gains tax when borrowing
Staked assets automatically repay loans
Receive gold back on purchases
  • First gold backed credit card
  • Instant credit limit from staking
  • Spend up to 50% without risking assets
  • No capital gains tax when borrowing
  • Staked assets automatically repay loans
  • Receive gold back on purchases
Madison Metals (MMTLF:OTCMKTS) has partnered with Lux to issue 7.65 million pounds of uranium in a industry first.
Lux U3O8


We are finance and technology pioneers dedicated to building sound financial products that serve the enviroment, society and people.
Zach Kelling
Zach, a visionary leader in adtech and fintech, leverages quantum encryption for positive environmental and social outcomes.  Prolific engineer and entrepreneur with over 15 years in high growth startups. Founded Hanzo, a Techstars funded AI marketing platform that launched some of the most successful crowdsales in history. Co-Founded the first SEC approved digital securities platform with Arca, as well as DAOs BrightMoments and DEVxDAO. As CEO of LUX Zach has pioneered one of the first quantum financial systems. Zach actively contributes to influential DAOs and drives societal change while serving on the executive board of the CROP Organization.
Ari Lerner
Ari is a passionate software engineer, entrepreneur, and educator. With over 20 years of experience, he has co-founded successful companies like and Fieldday. As a senior consultant at Amazon Web Services, Ari guides clients in application development and has extensive experience in technology. He is a respected author, having written over ten books on programming, and shares his insights at global tech conferences. His notable works include co-authoring D3 on AngularJS, Zero to Deep Learning, and Fullstack React, Native, & Vue.
Daniel Calabrese
Chief Investment Officer
Daniel is a seasoned financier and strategist renowned for his results-driven leadership in the bullion business. As the CEO and Founding Partner of Nevada Bullion LLC, he has established a boutique firm serving high net worth individuals and family offices. His proactive approach is evident in acquiring valuable private gold and silver mines and mining company shares. With a successful track record in various roles, including Head of Fundraising and Head of Assets & Allocations, Daniel's expertise extends beyond precious metals, encompassing Agile Methodologies, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Financial Analysis. His illustrious career spanning over a decade showcases his expertise in sales strategy, new business development, and team leadership.
Blake Johnson
Chief Financial Officer
Experienced finance professional with an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business. I have ten years of experience in financial analysis, equity research, and advisory operations roles spanning various industries, including technology, media, telecommunications, industrials, and banking. I've developed core competencies in financial modeling and forecasting, investment management, strategic finance, fundraising and investor relations.
Christopher Dinelli
Chief Information Officer
Chris, a former US Navy Lieutenant and United States Naval Academy alumnus with an Aerospace Engineering background, is the CIO at Lux, where he has spearheaded the expansion of AI cloud services and infrastructure, forging pivotal partnerships within the generative AI and cloud domains. As the founder of All Mine Lah, Inc., Chris innovatively melded green energy with digital currency mining, advancing sustainable supercomputing solutions. Renowned for his data analysis acumen and Matlab expertise, Chris's leadership style, rooted in military principles, champions innovation, ethical practices, and security, solidifying Hanzo's stature in AI cloud services and reflecting his overarching commitment to responsible technological growth.
Justin Gawn
Chief Strategy Officer
With 24 years of industry experience, he has proven his adeptness at identifying capital market trends, and delivering profitable trading and growth strategies for midcap and large junior mining companies. His diverse roles in institutional sales, investment advising, and trading allowed him to gain deep insights and experience in crafting risk-adjusted portfolios and his efficient execution of trading strategies have solidified his reputation in the sector.

Advisors and Investors

Pioneers in commodities, finance and technology.
Vincent Butta
Entertainment, FinTech
Vincent is a seasoned business leader with 30 years of experience in entertainment, social media, and licensing. He has built and sold early-stage startups, leading them to become multimillion-dollar enterprises. Vincent has an impressive track record, including creating one of the largest marketing companies in the US and launching over 400 consumer products for major brands like P&G, J&J, and Walmart. In the entertainment industry, he has managed film releases for Disney, Fox, and Paramount, and has produced notable films that received critical acclaim and awards. Vincent has also been involved in turnaround and business acceleration for various companies on behalf of investors.
Andrew Gertler
Energy, Geology, Mining
Andrew Gertler, co-founder of Viscount Mining Corp, has cemented his reputation in the mining industry and wealth management. Since 2011, he has driven Viscount's growth, focusing on silver and gold deposits in Nevada. Simultaneously, he has managed high-net-worth portfolios at Lester Asset Management since 2006. He holds board positions in Solid Impact Investment Corp and Impact Acquisition Corp, contributing to asset identification and business acquisition. His diverse career includes roles at Esplanade Loft Project, Hunt Mining, Zi Corporation, and Hudson Advisors.
Lisa Gansky
Economics, Network
Lisa is a co-founder and CEO with an impressive track record of successful ventures. She was at the helm of Global Network Navigator (GNN), the pioneering commercial website, which was later acquired by America Online (AOL). Additionally, she played a key role as co-founder, CEO, and chairman of Ofoto, a prominent digital photography company that was acquired by Eastman Kodak. Beyond her entrepreneurial achievements, Lisa is renowned as an international thought leader, writer, and speaker, focusing on the collaborative economy, open innovation, and entrepreneurship.
Cale Gibson
Finance, Politics
Cale Gibson is a dynamic leader with a flair for innovation and growth. As the CMO & Co-Founder of ClaimBlock Inc., he's been pivotal in shaping the company's marketing strategies for over 6 years. Prior to this, he championed as the CEO & Co-Founder of ThinkTank Labs for more than 8 years. His role as a Product Manager at further underscored his expertise in product positioning. Beyond his corporate endeavors, Cale's commitment to societal impact shines through; he dedicated time with Haven Fund International, orchestrating events to raise funds for an animal shelter, reflecting his deep-seated passion for animal welfare.
Dr. Marcus Weller, PhD
Finance, Psychology
Dr. Marcus Weller, a prodigious force in the tech arena, seamlessly marries his background in industrial psychology with an innate understanding of neurocognitive models and behavioral psychology. As the visionary CEO of SKULLY Systems, he masterminded the iconic SKULLY AR-1, setting a benchmark in mixed reality products and securing a historic win with one of Indiegogo's most triumphant campaigns. But his innovation didn't stop there. Taking the helm as the CMO of iTrust Capital, he orchestrated its monumental launch, propelling the company to an astounding $7 billion in transactions and the establishment of over 200,000 accounts. With an unparalleled blend of psychological acumen and technological prowess, Dr. Weller is not only redefining industries but also sculpting the very future of technology.
Giovanna Mingarelli
Politics, Technology
Giovanna, CEO and Co-Founder of M&C Consulting and MC2, is a tech entrepreneur and thought leader with 15 years of experience in political and digital communications. She has served in the office of a former Canadian Prime Minister and is a member of the Government of Canada Treasury Board Secretariat External Advisory Board for Talent Cloud. Mingarelli is a prolific writer and expert on politics gamification, social engagement, and crowdsourcing, having contributed to various media outlets. She has been recognized globally for her efforts in improving the world through entrepreneurship and civic engagement. With 24 years of commodities and mining industry experience, the writer has shown skill in identifying capital market trends and executing successful trading strategies for mining companies. His background in institutional sales, investment advising, and trading has earned him a strong reputation in the sector.
Lisa Goodman
Art, Board Director
Lisa is a highly accomplished corporate executive, entrepreneur, and board director with over 30 years of experience in diverse industries, including technology, healthcare, retail, finance, real estate, and hospitality. She is renowned for her strategic acumen and expertise in customer engagement. Currently part of the executive team at The Benaroya Company, a leading commercial real estate firm, she previously founded, scaled, and sold Service Intelligence Inc., a multimillion-dollar company with Fortune 100 clients. Apart from her professional achievements, Lisa is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, evident in her philanthropic work and passion for the arts. She has been recognized in various media outlets and is known as an international thought leader, writer, and speaker in the areas of collaborative economy, open innovation, and entrepreneurship.
Ryan Stobie
Technology, Travel
Entrepreneur, investor, advisor, avid adventure seeker. A high energy, growth focused, business development manager in the tech sector with a well-established network on the world stage including Silicon Valley, Canada, Latin America and across Asia. Launched and scaled sales teams in multiple sectors upwards of $40 million in revenue. Strong capabilities in early-stage product adoption and go-to-market strategy with focus on environmental stewardship.
Major Williams
Art, Sustainability, Technology
Major "Dream" Williams, a visionary with diverse talents in finance, entrepreneurship, fitness, and culinary arts, aims to transform society's challenges into opportunities. With a keen ability to inspire and collaborate with international thought leaders, he envisions a world of financial freedom through open protocols.


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