Lux Partners


Lux Partners is transforming traditional retail and institutional finance with our Real World Asset (RWA) Standard.

Lux partners is a decentralized collective disrupting traditional finance with blockchain technology.
Leading the industry
in blockchain technology and asset tokenization.
Since Lux launched
January 2022
7 billion USD
in verified assets have been secured.

The Ecosystem

Lux Network
A decentralized network of blockchains providing institutional-grade, regulatory-compliant access to digital money and real world assets.

Lux Fund
A blockchain-powered asset management platform and fund of funds designed to offer secure and sustainable returns, while aligning the greater good.

Lux Standard
An all-new asset tokenization standard, securing the most important assets to society on chain. Learn more about the first, Lux Uranium.
Financial Sovereignty for All
DeFi banking powered by Lux Network, a decentralized network of blockchains. Non-custodial, privacy preserving DeFi applications based in the Isle of Man.
▼   Lux Network
▼   Lux Bridge
▼   Lux Credit Card
▼   Lux Exchange
▼   Lux Market
▼   Lux Safe
Institutions and Private Client
Fund of Funds issuing real world assets (RWAs) on Lux Network, enabling global access to sound, regulated, and managed portfolios based in Luxembourg.
▼   Asset Management
▼   Real World Asset Backed Funds
▼   Arbitrage and Venture Funds
▼   Impact Thematic Funds
▼   Digitization and Securitization
▼   Treasury Services
Lux Network is a proof-of-stake, decentralized blockchain packed with innovation, designed to power the next-generation of DeFi.
Lux Network
Move assets with complete privacy across every network, secured with zero knowledge proofs.
Lux Bridge
Never spend you crypto again
First crypto credit card (not prepaid debit)
Instant credit limit from staking
Spend up to 50% without risking assets
No capital gains tax when borrowing
Staked assets automatically repay loans
Receive crypto back on purchases
  • First crypto credit card (not prepaid debit)
  • Instant credit limit from staking
  • Spend up to 50% without risking assets
  • No capital gains tax when borrowing
  • Staked assets automatically repay loans
  • Receive crypto back on purchases
Madison Metals (MMTLF:OTCMKTS) has partnered with Lux to issue 7.65 million pounds of uranium in a blockchain industry first.
Lux U3O8


We are blockchain, finance and technology pioneers dedicated to building sound financial products that serve the enviroment, society and people.
Zach Kelling
Prolific software engineer with over 15 years in high growth startups, including blockchain and adtech. Founded Hanzo, a Techstars funded AI marketing platform that launched some of the most successful crowdsales in history. Co-Founded the first SEC approved digital securities platform with Arca, as well as DAOs BrightMoments and DEVxDAO.
Munpriya Samra
Early employee at Coinbase and helped launch the GDAX exchange to millions. While at Coinbase, Munpriya joined top Coinbase API customer ChangeTip, in the company's earliest days, where she helped build and sell the startup in 2015 to Airbnb that backed Reddit Gold with Bitcoin 2013, and was the first to send bitcoin transactions on Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch which fundamentally grew crypto audience to many millions globally.
Keven Kim
Chief Investment Officer
Former President and Managing Partner at Forstmann & Co., responsible for operations, portfolio management, investor relations, business development, and was on the board. Keven managed and executed $900M in global product and professional services and and assisted over 30 startup companies.
Vincent Butta
Executive President
Over 30 years of international business leadership creating high growth companies, including early stage startups, entertainment, social media.  Launched 400+ consumer products under ADC, the largest marketing company in America at it's peak. Founding partner of Zash Media, and board member of Triller where he led the sale to Proxima.
Jack Rindner
VP Finance
Implemented business intelligence (BI) solutions at Goldman Sachs and ExodusPoint Capital Management
Marcus Weller
Chief Revenue Officer
Founded SKULLY, best know for it’s early augmented reality motorcycle helmet and award winning crowdfunding campaign. Co-founded of Halcyon Biotech, a gene-based nootropics company. CMO at iTrust Capital, a tax advantaged crypto investment firm that has brought $6 billion USD into the blockchain industry via IRA investment.
Henry Shiner
Chief Strategy Officer
International investment banker focused on crypto, clean energy, and mineral extraction. 15+ years as Managing Director of Aeon Group, investing in and consulting 100+ companies. Managing Director at Dominick Capital. Director of Gesturetek, and Advisor to
Aaron Gravelle
Chief Product Officer
Former Apple Communications Strategist for global product launch campaigns across all marketing touch points. Apple Product Development Manager, Global Partner Retail Fixture Design Strategist, Global Partner Advertising Lead. Founder of Drink, a zero waste beverage company.
Alexandra Benet
Chief Design Officer
Multi-disciplinary designer, former Facebook and Instagram Product Designer on UI where she created and launched multiple products. Former Apple Marketing Designer, focused on product launch graphics, including the hero the iPhone 5s visuals. Founder of Drink, a zero waste beverage company.
Skyler Trotter
Chief Innovation Officer
Blockchain innovator and open system integrator with a focus on building the future of decentralized sovereignty. Sky has worked on the EOS Incubator, Polyient Labs, W1SE Logistics,, Coin Dealer, Strawberry DAC, Tundrax. Co-Founded EOS side chain EOS Bake.
Vishnu Seesahai
Chief Architect
Researcher specializing in engineering innovation, applied mathematics. Recent topics include computation, decentralized architecture, blockchains and cryptograph. Vishnu architected PKT.Cash network, Founder the Healthmatic app and DVAV purchased by Lions Gate.
Ari Lerner
20+ years in software engineering and distributed systems from development to full commercialization, developing multiple blockchain technologies. Author of 9 tech book on topics from software to hardware. Co-Founder of and Fieldday. Long-time cyber security expert and developer.
Olumide Akinwande
Blockchain & Smart-Contract Developer, CTO for the first the Bitcoin mobile wallet in Ghana and Malawi crypto exchange. Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Montech Software.
Kobi Frankel
Experience in both Public and Private markets completing over 90 Pre-IPO /PIPE/SPAC transactions. Managed over $255M in AUM with 450 clients and raised $314M privately. Holder of Series 7 & 63 FINRA licenses. Key player in the Swift Capital Acquisition of PayPal.
Julienne Worring
Investor Relations
Former investor relations manager and investor at VC Demium, and early stage associate at BetaAngels. Julienne has raised and distributed 50M euros to cross-industry early-stage companies.
Gomeh Saias
Serial Entrepreneur with a short, but colorful history of launching successful startups. Head of Marketing for companies including HeartCore and CV Harvest Box. Founder of, a global real estate marketplace enabling peer-to-peer transactions.


Pioneers in human rights, blockchain,
energy, finance and the internet.
Matthew Joynes
Chairman and Advisor
UK Supreme Court trained Lawyer with a 25 years regulatory trading background working with asset managers, broker dealers, and funds to achieve optimal treasury pricing and trade execution. Founder of money transmitter Worldwide Currencies and CDAX.
Cyrus Pahlavi
Diplomatic Advisor
HRH Prince Cyrus Pahlavi is the grandson of Her Royal Highness, Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, the twin sister of His Majesty, the Shah of Iran. Cyrus is an accomplished artist, human rights activist, philanthropist, producer and actor. He sits on the board of First Line Entertainment, a production company in association with Edward Bass.
Duane Parnham
Energy, Geology, Mining
Founded Forsys Metals uranium prospect in Namibia and grew to market cap of C$860,000,000. Duane has created billions of dollars in share holder value for companies he's been directly involved with over a 30 plus year career developing and founding several resource-focused companies including, Temex Resources, Forsys Metals, UNX Energy, Giyani Metals, Canoe Mining Ventures and Broadway Strategic Metals.
Finance, Commodities
Co-founded Capital Y, a New York based hedge fund which runs a thematic long/short equities and derivatives mandate. Alex spent four years at a major North American wealth manager and investment bank where he was responsible for jointly managing a discretionary asset book of $250M as well as structuring multiple private-to-public transactions.
Lisa Gansky
Economics, Network
Co-founder and CEO of Global Network Navigator (GNN), the first commercial website, which was acquired by America Online (AOL). o-founder, CEO and chairman of Ofoto, a digital photography company, which sold to Eastman Kodak. Lisa is an international thought leader, writer and speaker on the topic of the collaborative economy or sharing economy, open innovation and entrepreneurship.
Nick Spanos
Blockchain, Politics
Founder of the Bitcoin Center in 2013 the first live crypto currency exchange (prominently displayed on the netflix documentary "Banking on Bitcoin"). Inventor of the multi-branched blockchain, and blockchain voting. Thirty years of experience in technology and politics. Pioneer and thought leader in blockchain.


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